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The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation (BCIC) offers its employees tremendous opportunities to grow and expand their knowledge in economic development. BCIC prides itself in consisting of individuals who are invested in the growth of Brownsville, Texas. The BCIC offers its employees competitive wages and a full range of benefits, and is also an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate based on race, disability, or sex. For more questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.


To be a catalyst and proactively partner with organizations who invest resources to improve Brownsville, Texas' quality of life by enhancing aesthetic, cultural and leisure amenities and promote economic development to enhance the city's economic base.


By promoting and funding our assets in sports and recreational tourism and small business diversity, Brownsville, Texas can become a regional competitor in economic development, historic preservation and tourism.

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    The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation (BCIC) Board of Directors currently has three (3) vacancies.  The City of Brownsville City Commission will appoint the board member no later than December 31, 2018. Application deadline is November 30, 2018.  This vacancy is to complete a past board member’ membership and will expire on December 2019.

    BCIC is in search for a Board of Director that has strategic leadership, business, finance, and analytical skills and is able to communicate and interact well at the Board of Directors level.  Applicant must reside within the city limits of Brownsville, TX.

    BCIC recently adopted its 2017-2020 Economic Development Strategic Plan, which is in its initial implementation and all Board of Directors are determined to move forward strategically and with the main purpose of making Brownsville, TX the city/destination of choice.  Six (6) primary goals have been identified and found to be crucial for the economic well-being of Brownsville, TX and are the following:

    1. Develop a culture of strategy execution within the organization;
    2. Develop a board culture that promotes performance;
    3. Enhance BCIC’s public image as a leading economic development source;
    4. Prioritize disbursement of BCIC funds that support projects, initiatives, and community events;
    5. Increase Brownsville’s profile in sports and recreational tourism to become a city/destination of choice; and 
    6. Improve BCIC’s asset management and protection.


    • Actively participate on identifying BCIC’s strategic goals, objectives and strategies;
    • Direct and provide leadership on BCIC’s affairs and its performance in achieving the organization’s goals, objectives and strategies;
    • Provide support on BCIC’s Mission, Vision and Purpose;
    • Observe and comply with the Code of Conduct for members and abide by its Bylaws;
    • Act in the best interest of BCIC;
    • Abide by the decisions of the Board and its Committees;
    • Ensure prudent and effective controls are in place to properly assess, manage and control risks to this economic development organization;
    • Ensuring that standards set by the Boards to meet BCIC’s obligations to the general public, employees and other interested stakeholders, are properly assessed;
    • The Board has a close working relationship that means issues are normally decided on a consensus basis.  Working well with others is an integral skill set that can make the role fulfilling as well as productive;
    • Expected to contribute with your particular skills and experience;
    • Prepare for and attend Board and Committee meetings, General Meetings, continuous development events, conferences, and seminars;
    • Comply with attendance rules and requirements;
    • Expected to attend Board meetings, which take place monthly on the last Monday of the month at 12:00 PM; The agenda and meeting packets for meetings are made available 72 hours in advance via email;
    • May be asked to participate on one or several of BCIC Board of Director’s Committees;


    • A positive and constructive approach to the role of Board or Committee member;
    • Leadership skills;
    • The ability and willingness to participate effective in meetings;
    • An awareness of one’s impact on other members;
    • An understanding of the importance of probity, independence, and integrity within public service and desire to direct BCIC accordingly;
    • The ability to work as part of a team and commit to collective responsibility;
    • Effective verbal and written communication skills;
    • Willingness to devote time to prepare and attend meetings;
    • An understanding of economic development principles;
    • The ability to exercise independent judgement;
    • The ability to take decisions and delegate authority, when appropriate, and to monitor decisions taken under that delegated authority.

    The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation is a type B economic development corporation that serves and benefits Brownsville, TX.  The mission of this economic organization is to be a catalyst and proactively partner with organizations who invest resources to improve Brownsville, Texas’s quality of life by enhancing aesthetic, cultural, and leisure amenities and promote economic development to enhance the city’s economic base.

    Through a special election held on Nov. 7, 2011, the citizens of Brownsville voted to reduce the type A economic development sales tax from 1/2 cent to 1/4 cent; and to create a type B economic development corporation with a sales tax of 1/4 cent, which is now well known as the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation (BCIC).

    A percentage of 1/4 of a cent of every sales dollar generated is allocated to projects that foster economic development through tourism and enhance the quality of life within the city limits of Brownsville, TX.

    Year to date BCIC has funded over $50 million in capital projects and community events.

    The BCIC Board of Directors consist of seven (7) Board of Directors, who are appointed by the City Commission and their role is to make strategic decisions, major policy decisions, set the budget for the organization and ensure that expenditures made abide and comply with state regulations, local government code, and applying ordinances.  The day to day activities/efforts are under the discretion of the Executive Director.

    Board Directors serve for a two (2) year term, with a maximum of two-two year terms (maximum 4 years in total).  Board Directors may resign during their term of office.  This will result in a vacancy and need to reappoint a new Board Director.             

    For additional information in reference to this vacancy, please feel free to contact Rebeca Castillo, Executive Director, at or via phone at (956) 548-6188.  You may also visit our BCIC website at
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