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Brownsville Sports Park to get $550,000 face-lift

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - The Brownsville Sports Park will soon get a $550,000 face-lift.

The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation approved the project last week, nearly a month after the corporation announced plans to expand sports tourism in Brownsville. The first phase involves replacing the sports turf on the field.

BCIC Coordinator Josh Mejia says it’s been long overdue.

"The condition now is definitely not good,” Mejia said. “Not good in terms of athlete safety. It's been eight years since it's been installed."

The second phase includes replacing the scoreboard and moving it to a better spot on the field, because its current location poses a safety issue. The improvements will bring the sports park up to regulatory standards, making it possible for professional games to be hosted.

"We will be second to the H.E.B. Park in Edinburg that can host professional games at our fields," said Mejia.

Once the project is complete, the BCIC will make bids for sports tournaments to host. Research is currently underway to determine which sports are most appealing to the area.

"And I think soccer is embedded in our culture down here in Brownsville, so that's definitely the first one we are going to reach out to," said Mejia.

The first phase will be begin on July 10, and should only take a few weeks to complete.

BCIC members said they will also be looking to attract musical acts to the Brownsville Sports Park.

Source: CBS 4 News
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