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City representatives from Mexico tour Brownsville

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - Through the Discover Brownsville campaign, several Mexican cities have expressed interest in expanding their tourism routes into Brownsville.

On Thursday, representatives from five Mexican cities had the opportunity to explore the city and look at different retail stores, restaurants and other landmarks.

The campaign is a collaborative effort between the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation, the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce, the Brownsville Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation, among others.

BCIC and the Visitors Bureau identified Ciudad Victoria, Torreon, Madero, Monterrey and Tampico as the cities that are seeking to expand their tourism routes into Brownsville.

“This is basically the first step to increase commerce and economic development in Brownsville, and everybody seems to be pretty excited about it,” BCIC Marketing Coordinator Josh Mejia said.

“It’s been over a decade that Brownsville had a tour like this or establish routes for Mexican tourists to come here,” Mejia said.
Mejia said this is the first time several of the representatives have been to Brownsville.

Iram Juarez, a tour guide for Tourismo Los Angeles in Torreon, said this is his second time visiting Brownsville.

“Brownsville is a nice city. The people are really good (to) us. There are a lot of people from Mexico and that’s why you feel like it’s your home, and the restaurants, the mall and the hotels are pretty cool,” Juarez said.

Source: The Brownsville Herald

Photography: Miguel Roberts/The Brownsville Herald
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