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City restores historical landmarks in downtown Brownsville

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - For decades, Market Square has been a historical landmark in downtown Brownsville. Last year, construction began to restore and renovate the site's dome and tower.

“This is a key element within all of the revitalization efforts that the city is doing downtown and especially in Market Square,” said city of Brownsville public relations officer Roxanna Rosas.

The dome has since been restored to its former glory, as crews continue to renovate the downtown area. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. Market Square was the city's first open-air market in the 1850's, and has become an economic hub for downtown.

"It’s always been a center for activity and by restoring the tower, replacing the dome, we're preserving that history and we're bringing back that vibrancy,” Rosas said.

Operations manager for the Historic Brownsville Museum and manager for Genealogy Research Eugene Fernandez has seen first-hand the ups and downs of the market square.

"We knew that Market Square was literally the crown jewel of our city, and it was since the colonial times, and then when I saw the development coming in to this part, I was elated," Fernandez said.

"All of us were.”

The projects were funded in part through the city's Community Improvement Corporation, while nearly $120,000 of the project was funded through a Capital Project Grant.

Source: CBS 4 News
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