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Improved asset management of the Brownsville Sports Park places the City of Brownsville at a competitive advantage.

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation (BCIC) and City of Brownsville Commission met on November 14, 2017, through a joint public meeting to discuss the current state of the Brownsville Sports Park and together identify the best option of Moving Forward the Brownsville Sports Park.

The Brownsville Sports Park is currently being managed and operated by the City of Brownsville under the Parks & Recreation Department. In an effort of Moving forward the Brownsville Sports Park, the BCIC has identified that if a different approach of managing the Brownsville Sports Park is explored then it has the potential to become an asset capable of generating higher revenues and become a city attraction.

The BCIC staff with the assistance of the Parks & Recreation Department Director, Damaris McGlone, produced current figures and data that supported BCIC’s proposal of the BCIC and City of Brownsville to work collaboratively in exploring the option of BCIC Managing and the City of Brownsville operating the Brownsville Sports Park.

The key figures that were presented in the joint meeting spoke volumes to the Brownsville City Commission. As of 2017, the BCIC has committed over $41 million in sales tax dollars to the Brownsville Sports Park, yet only $1.97 million in revenues have been generated since 2009. In addition to the year-to-year shortfall in revenues, which resulted in subsidies from the city’s general fund, the BCIC, by 2027, would have no commitment to continue investing in the park resulting in an inheritance of over $1 million of year-to-year operating expenditures for the city of Brownsville, Texas. 

During the latter parts of the joint meeting, Tony Martinez, Mayor of Brownsville, Texas, commended the BCIC Board of Directors and staff, on behalf of the city commission, for not only presenting the current state of the Brownsville Sports Park, but more importantly providing a recommended solution that involves BCIC managing the park and the City of Brownsville operating it. Through this solution, the BCIC will spearhead a committee composed of stakeholders to ensure the successful transition of the asset management from the city to BCIC and identifying best practices that will will allow the City of Brownsville to operate the Brownsville Sports Park in a more efficient manner.

 Tino Villarreal, Chairman of the BCIC Board of Directors stated the following during the joint meeting,

"We, the BCIC Board of Directors and staff, truly believe that everyone is invested in turning the Brownsville Sports Park into an economic asset that will turn Brownsville, Texas into a destination. The invested interest will help us move forward collectively in order to increase sales tax revenues for the city, thus opening doors for more economic development opportunities.”

The Brownsville City Commission voted unanimously to adopt BCIC’s recommendation and support the creation of a committee to help explore the option of BCIC managing the Brownsville Sports Park and the City of Brownsville handling operations. Following exploration the committee will undergo and determining what the most viable solution will be, BCIC will respectfully request the City of Brownsville Commission to consider and take action on the recommended solution.

Rebeca Castillo, Executive Director states that, “The BCIC now stands in a prime position to work in a more effective collaboration with the City of Brownsville to turn the Brownsville Sports Park into a venue the residents of Brownsville can truly be proud of and for tourists to enjoy.”
The above mentioned efforts will position the BCIC in the direction of accomplishing a major milestone on meeting one of BCIC’s 2017-2020 Strategic Plan goals in less than one year of its adoption. For any additional information or questions concerning this developing story, please contact Josh Mejia, Marketing Coordinator at josh.mejia@cob.us.
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