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Message from the Executive Director

Brownsville Sports Park, Brownsville TX

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - As we close the year 2017, we would like to thank all community leaders, stakeholders, and residents for all the work invested in Brownsville, Texas. Your type b economic development corporation, BCIC, will continue to exceed expectations for the upcoming new year. Our staff and board members are looking forward to all the great projects BCIC will partner with to ensure Brownsville, Texas transforms into a city-destination for expanding businesses, tourism events, and commerce.

Recently, the city commission has appointed two new board members that will serve in the Board of Directors of the BCIC. We couldn't be more excited to begin working alongside great individuals who share the same invested interested as all members that compose your type b economic development corporation.

With more than $60 million invested back into the community through economic development projects to date, the BCIC will continue to work in providing Brownsville, Texas with assets needed to thrive economically throughout the region. We are happy to report, based on information received from the Texas Comptrollers Office, that Cameron County's sales tax revenue continues to grow on a positive trend almost breaking a 10% growth year-to-date in comparison to last year, 2016.

As the Executive Director of your type b economic development corporation, I am invested in making sure we succeed as collective city and I will work diligently in ensuring the success of this great organization.

To answer any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at rcastillo@cob.us or by calling, (956) 548-6188.
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