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Officials to discuss sustainability of million-dollar sports park

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - The Brownsville City Commission and the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation will hold a joint meeting Tuesday to discuss the future of the Brownsville Sports Park.

Every year, the BCIC pays close to $800,000--and the city adds around $250,000-- to maintain the city's $32 million sports park.

Since 2009, the sports park has only made close to $2 million in revenue, according to BCIC Executive Director Rebeca Castillo.

"And it’s still operated the way it is currently operated, then it's not a money maker,” Castillo said. “It's not allowing it to be self-sustainable."

By 2027, the park's investment will total $50 million and the city will inherit the park, as well as it's million-dollars-a-year debt obligation.

Brownsville City Commissioner At-large Cesar De Leon believes the best way to pay the amount and benefit the taxpayer is to hand management control over to the BCIC.

"That way if they are turning a profit and they don't have to pump in money from the sales tax to pay this debt, that means the sales tax or taxpayer’s money that are being used for something else, just not paying a note," De Leon said.

Source: CBS 4 News
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