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Public transportation improvements completed within the Southmost area.

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - Brownsville Metro is happy to announce the completion of their "ADA Bus Stops Enhancement - Southmost" project in collaboration with the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation (BCIC) and the City of Brownsville.

During BCIC's fiscal year 2015, Brownsville Metro brought forth a capital project which required a total of $331iuj,000 in capital investment to enhance bus stops in Brownsville's most populous area, Southmost. Brownsville Metro evaluated various bus stops prior to the development of the project's proposal and found a substantial need to upgrade bus stops customers utilize when they await the arrival of fleets in the Southmost area.

In addition, multiple stops found in the Brownsville Southmost area were not ADA compliant, which posed a huge challenge for Brownsville Metro to overcome during the initial planning phase.

"Brownsville is a historic city, if not, one of the most historic in the state. As a historic city, you come across unique challenges when it comes to updating roads, sewage, buildings and sidewalks. As we proceeded with the planning of this particular project, we became aware that ADA compliance would be the biggest challenge to overcome. On behalf of all the staff involved, we are proud to state we overcame all challenges in order to continue servicing our customers," said Jeffery Stewart, Interim Fleet Contract Manager from Brownsville Metro.

During Brownsville Metro's "Southmost Enhanced Bus Tour," BCIC and City of Brownsville staff were able to witness first hand the public transportation improvements made possible by sales tax funds.

As per Brownsville Metro's data, the Southmost area provides the most customers that travel throughout the city to shop at local stores, arrive at medical appointments or attend classes at either the University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley or Texas Southmost College. In order to provide stability to the city's sales tax revenue, it was necessary to commit to said project to ensure the same trends are being produced within the city.


The BCIC Board of Directors and staff understand the vital role transportation plays in the development of an economically healthy city. Without proper public transportation commerce stagnates in particular areas within a city without much diversification and fluidity all throughout. This fact becomes a decisive factor when investing in cities that offer public transportation to an average of 1.6 million passengers each year; Brownsville, Texas being one of them.

Project Budget

  • $261,131 from the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation
  • $77,000 from the City of Brownsville General Fund - Capital Projects
  • $331,399.95 invested to the Brownsville Metro ADA Bus Stops Enhancement - Southmost Capital Project
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